Regardless of personal choice, there are a few types of shoes every man should have in his arsenal.

We’re not saying you should only have three pairs of shoes in your closet — we hope you have a little more variety than that. We’re just saying these are the three shoes every guy must have in their closet, no matter his profession, age, or personal preference.

These three shoes are non-negotiable.

A shiny black pair of dress shoes

These Are The Only 3 Shoes a Guy Needs

For formal occasions, you’re going to need a super-formal pair of shoes. The most formal possible is the shiny patent black that is customary to wear with black tie. 

No need to go crazy on these — you probably won’t be wearing them very often.

A brown, brogued pair of shoes

These Are The Only 3 Shoes a Guy Needs

Here is the workhorse of your shoe arsenal. A brown pair of semi-dress shoes can we worn with everything from a navy suit to work or a pair of jeans for a night out on the town.

Brown is the color you should choose because it is the most versatile color and can be worn with both navy and gray suiting.

For these, you’re going to want to invest in quality.

A pair of weekend sneakers

These Are The Only 3 Shoes a Guy Needs

For every other time, you’re going to need a casual shoe that can go across any season and most weekend or after-work situations. For that, we recommend what we’ve been touting for a while now: a sleek minimal white sneaker that will go with literally everything.