When rescuers arrived at the Fiorini home, they found a confusing scene. Two children were outside the burning house, while just inside the door was an unconscious woman and another child. It was obvious that the children had barely escaped a devastating fire.

Mom Recovers From Severe Burns After Saving Children From House Fire

At about 2 a.m. on October 29th, Angel Fiorini woke up coughing and realized her house was on fire. As flames and smoke filled their small home, the Newman Lake, Washington, mom of three tried to save her children.

Mom Recovers From Severe Burns After Saving Children From House Fire

Angel grabbed 18-month-old Rosalie and 3-year-old Vinny and took them outside. But that wasn’t enough to keep them from harm. The two small children were worried about their mom, and Angel needed to ensure they wouldn’t get back into the house.

So she closed the front door, shutting herself in with the flames.
With the door closed, smoke filled the house. Meanwhile, Angel looked for her 7-year-old daughter, Gianna. Angel’s friend, Carla Klauder, told the media:

“She had to shut the door and she couldn’t find the door when she came back out so she laid on top of Gianna.”

Angel succumbed to the smoke and was badly burned by the fire. She and Gianna were still there when a passerby saw the smoke and dragged the unconscious mom and girl out of the doorway.

Emergency crews soon arrived and put out the fire. The two youngest children had minimal injuries and were discharged from the hospital after a short stay. Gianna, who was shielded from the flames by her mother’s body, had second-degree burns on approximately 14% of her body. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and released in mid-November.

Angel, however, spent weeks in critical care recovering from her injuries. The 29-year-old mom suffered second- and third-degree burns over nearly half of her body and required extensive skin grafts.

Angel’s only request as she was taken to the hospital was that someone call her husband and let him know what happened. The brave mom’s sacrifice didn’t surprise friends and family, who say Angel would do anything for her children.

After five weeks in the hospital, Angel is finally back home with her children again, but there are still challenges ahead. The family lost everything in the fire and must now start over. Fortunately, the community is coming to their aid.

Angel and Family

Friends have set up donation pages on Facebook and GoFundMe. Local stores and businesses have held fundraisers for the Fiorinis as well. The Greenacres Vendor Mall has even set up a “tree of sharing” to benefit the Fiorini family. In addition to getting necessities, they want to make sure the children have a merry Christmas.

Mom Recovers From Severe Burns After Saving Children From House Fire

Angel told friends that other than her injuries, one of the worst parts was being away from her children. As far as this “supermom” is concerned, having her family is together again is the best gift of all.