It had happened before. Cynthia Tipton’s son, Noland, then four, had a meltdown in a restaurant and the manager asked them to leave.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ten-year-old Noland has high-functioning autism.

Out of nowhere, while dining at a local BBQ restaurant, Noland began screaming and crying. Tipton tried her best to calm the child. But the meltdown continued for long enough to make her and her father, who was also dining with them, self-conscious.

When she saw the waitress walking towards them, she was sure that they were going to be asked to leave. Again.

Much to Tipton’s surprise, the waitress didn’t ask the family to leave but instead delivered a note on a receipt.

Mom Fears Server Will Make Her Leave After Autistic Son’s Meltdown - Was Surprised by Uplifting Note

The note read:

“Hi! We couldn’t help but notice what a great mother you are and what a beautiful family you have. God bless.”
The family had paid for the Tipton family’s meal.

Because they had left the restaurant before Tipton had the chance to thank them, Tipton posted a note on Facebook, expressing her gratitude for their kind deed:

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by your thoughtfulness. It was so unexpected, and yet it made such a huge difference to our family.”

Tipton’s father says the family must have been sent from above:

“The family that bought our dinner must have been angels from God. Regular people could not have looked at us with such compassion.”

And Tipton tells KSDK that she was incredibly touched by the family’s kind gesture, commending them for being so compassionate despite not knowing their situation.

“Being a parent is tough,” she says. “Being an autism parent is really tough.”