You Will Need:
Hot glue gun
Construction paper, or wax paper
A loose ring

Make sure your ring is clean and dry. On a piece of construction paper or wax paper, squirt out a small puddle of hot glue. (About 5-8 pumps should be enough.) Quickly dip the ring in the hot glue, and pull through so half the ring has all sides are covered. Work quickly while the glue is soft! Wipe off the excess glue from the bottom onto the paper, and round the edges by rolling the ring. Try to avoid touching the glue, as the less it is handled, the more transparent it will remain! The glue should form a loop around the bottom of the ring which holds it on even if the glue becomes unadhered.

Let it set for 15 minutes.

The glue holds well, but can be easily removed without damaging the ring.

Enjoy the piece of mind of a snug ring!